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Dasher/Java/Android research linkdump


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Dasher/Java/Android research linkdump

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I find Dasher an interesting input method, and after getting my Android phone I thought it would be nice to try Dasher on it. However, at the time there was no Dasher port or any information on the Web about the possibility, so I looked into writing one. I found several dead projects and miscellaneous repositories and eventually found that the main Dasher repository had a Java port of Dasher. I dabbled in getting it to run on Android, but before I got anywhere I found Dasher was now in the Android Market, though there was still no discussion/announcement/public project info.

I shall now dump the links I collected while I was working on this project, so as to make the matter of Dasher and Java better-indexed. Unfortunately, I don't recall the significance of all of them.

The Dasher port that's currently in the Market is pretty solid. It has a variety of options for input (touch, trackball, tilt); the main thing it's missing is independent control of the X/Y sensitivity of the tilt control.

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